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The EOE Network is a diverse group of entrepreneurs, freelancers, innovators and remote workers who value being part of a vibrant community of innovative thinkers. Located in Eagle River, Manitowish Waters, Phelps and Land O’ Lakes, EOE Network provides a professional work environment that fosters creativity and productivity.

Do you have a great idea but don't know where to start?


“one who or that which has a thought that they believe could become a business: Idea-preneur"


“if we do it this way we won’t need to replace this every time: Mom-preneur”


“hay, I think we came up with an app to do that where do I take it now: Teen-preneur”


“everyone likes popcorn who can we talk to about setting up a Popcornfest: Event-preneur"


“This is a colorful new technique, maybe I could offer classes: Art-preneur”


“Let’s form a co-op to save on supplies. Maybe other Districts would join us: Teacher-preneur”

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gener8tor is a turnkey platform for the creative economy that connects startups, entrepreneurs, artists, investors, universities and corporations. The gener8tor platform includes pre-accelerators, accelerators, corporate programming, conferences and fellowships focused on entrepreneurs, artists and musicians.

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Badger Fund of Funds

The Badger Fund of Funds was officially seeded in 2014 with a $25 million investment from the state of Wisconsin. It is a limited partnership that will invest in Wisconsin-based venture capital funds that will in turn invest in Wisconsin-based new ventures. The parent Badger Fund has committed to make a matching investment of 40 percent of any money the new funds raise. That’s why it’s called a “fund of funds.” It is a network of smaller funds tied into the main fund, in which there are private as well as public investment dollars.

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